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How to hold your DSLR Camera

After investing in a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera, the first lesson needed is how to hold the camera.

The best way to hold your camera is shown above, with the lens resting on your hand. This ensures:

  • a good grip on the camera and are less likely to drop it
  • that you can use the zoom on the lens easily
  • your photos will be sharper, because the camera is moving around less
It’s also a good practice to use hold it up to one eye, instead of using the large screen like we all do when using smaller cameras. It helps you to keep it steady when not using a flash to stop the motion.

When teaching kids: I was recently teaching this to my aunt, uncle, and cousins at Christmas when they got their new camera. For the kids, especially the younger ones, I made sure to impress on them that holding a camera was a lot like holding a baby or a pet —it’s best to stay sitting.
I love letting kids use my camera, under supervision, they come up with great shots AND have a lot of fun and pride in what they are doing. Just remember to let them know that it is a privilege for them to do this, and it’s not a toy. It makes for a lot less arguments because if they mess up and aren’t treating the camera nicely, they lose it.

It’s not a purse: Keep the strap around your neck AND hold it as shown above. It’s all too easy for kids and adults to not realize that the camera is sticking out and to hit it on a table as they pass by. Yikes!

I hope this has been helpful, please check out the rest of my photography on my blog!

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