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Step 2 – What to wear for your Photo Session

Plan the ‘look’ & ‘style’ of your portraits a few days before to avoid last minute rush to remove stains or pick outfits that fit.brown1

The khakis and white t-shirt look can be great on the beach, but there’s no beach in Kansas. Also, not everyone looks good in the same type or fit of clothes. Coordinate, but don’t match.

IMG_1245 (QTY 1 of 8x10)

For more tips…The photo below is a great candid photo, but for a professional photoshoot, the family should choose to a
void patterns, printed designs, and clashing colors. Plan for plain colors or simple patterns, the focus should be on the people, not the clothes.


Casual outfits are great for photoshoots with children, something they are comfortable in and can run around in. However, hats, bows, and other props can be great to use for a few pictures, even if the child won’t keep it on for the whole time.


And, if your kid wants to wear his halloween costume in the summer. Let him. If possible, put the costume on over the outfit you really want the child to wear, or bring a change of clothes. Depending on your child’s mood, decide if it would be better for your kid to wear the costume first or promise them they can put it on at the end of the shoot.


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