Photo Tips

Simplify Your Photos – Backing up!

The following video sums up how I feel about not printing photos!

Especially if you have children, I highly encourage you to print as many photos as you can — but if you don’t, you better be sure you have secure backups in case something happens to your phone, computer, or even your hard drive.


Lesson #1: Back Up Drives are for Back Ups

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I learned this the hard way when 4 years of photos disappeared overnight when my hard drive stopped working. For me, this was an epic loss of history. Four years of family Christmas photos, meticulously in folders. However, I forgot to back up my back up or leave a copy on my computer, so now I am left only with printed copies and am so glad I printed them.

I’ve also seen the distress when:

  • My phone died and it’s the only place I have the photos of [insert important moment here]
    • My child’s birth
    • The last photos of my pet who died this weekend

Lesson #2 Make a backup plan

Since I am constantly photographing, my back up plan is repetitive. I would rather have my photos in 4 (or more) places than to risk losing them again. Choose at least 2 of these methods to back up your photos.

Backup Options

  1. Computer – Using an application such as Apples ‘Photos’
  2. Computer or External Hard Drive
  3. Cloud – Using Snapfish, Amazon Cloud, or my favorite, Google Photos

Tip: Facebook doesn’t count! They shrink the size of your photos! 

  1. Computer – Using an application
    This is often the easiest method, make sure you import your photos, at least monthly, on to your computer in to your preferred platform. HOWEVER, pulling back ups, original files, or even printing these, can often be a hassle because the files are hidden on your computer in crazily named folders.
  2. Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 7.56.45 PMComputer or External Hard Drive
    This is my favorite. I have a wireless hard drive and a wired hard drive and back up photos by year and then by month. I keep these files redundant (multiple copies using same organization system) at least every quarter, just in case one gets lost, stolen, broken, or wears out.
    Purchase a Portable, External Hard Drive from Amazon Prime (currently under $60 for 1TB of space!) I also purchased one of these for my mom, backed up her computer and photos on to it, and then backed her photos up on to the cloud and to my as well! Redundant copies of everything! 
  3. Cloud
    I personally use Google Photos for my cloud service. You can download and share photos very easily and the face recognition is nothing short of remarkable!
    I download the app to my phone and computer and sync it with one of my external hard drives so that it always is backing up redundant copies.
    TIP: Sometimes, this takes a while! To keep it backing up overnight, I will plug my computer in and play a netflix movie or series on full screen. I will then dim my screen and mute my volume, but the computer will stay awake and backing up my photos!


I will write more about my digital folder system in another post!

What do you think of this photo shoot?

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